By Jimmy Gentle

Donald J. Trump is the greatest president ever. The most tenacious. The most courageous. The most influential. And a whole lot more.
He never had a day of peace as the president of the United States. He is the most harassed, bullied, disrespected, and abused president, yet was never demoralized.

The truth is that those who hate Trump cannot say any reason why they do. They can only echo the fake media opinion – he’s a racist. Others simply hate him because their favorite celebrity or role model does not like him. You are the one I write this to address.

How is putting your country first racism? We all put our families first right. Trump putting America first is only as all of us would our families. You are unpatriotic if you would not put your own country first. So why and how is his case different? Let me even ask, does the US owe you or any country anything?

How is making your country great racism? How is stopping “illegal” migration racism? Did Trump deport any legal migrant in America? Since Trump’s administration, are people with valid and legal documents not entering the US even from the designated terrorist countries? Why are you angry that a man does not want his country to be as lawless and infiltrated as yours? Why are you angry that you are asked to use the door when you want to jump through the window? Why are you angry you’re stopped from cutting corners?

How is stopping the world from killing itself racism?
How is saying that God created only man and woman and no transgender racism? Or did God create three sexes?
How is saying that American taxpayer’s fund cannot be used for abortion racism? Would you like to be a joint party to an act you don’t approve of or know nothing about?
How is securing thousands of jobs monthly for Americans and boosting US economy racism? How is cutting down taxes for Americans racism?
How? How? How?

If we all stood for our country as Trump did for America, why would you desperately need to migrate for greener pastures anywhere?
So what is your reason for hating this man? Why hate one man so much for being just as God made him? Summon your conscience and think about it carefully and you will see no reason at all. You have only been used. The media agenda setting-theory took its practical manifestations on you. They shaped your opinion and gave you what to think and believe. That is incapacitation on your side. They insulated you from the truth – Trump was fighting for you.

The big tech and the fake media, controlled by the deep state made you buy their dubious opinion and agenda. They exploited your reasoning for their goal while you live to gain nothing but regret. Their sole aim is to take charge of the earth and control you at will. They know that Trump would neither surrender to their evil gimmicks nor play to their gallery. He was the only obstruction they had. So he must be removed at all cost and by all means even if the process undermines the integrity of US constitutions built over the years. They so badly wanted him out in order to get to you easily. It is you who lost.

If you are wise enough you’d see Trump as a great inspiration. Because he is. He is an inspiration to many including those that fought him from 2016 to date. Deep down they all learn from him. And none of them can stand for America as Trump did. Not Pelosi, not McConnell, not Schumer, not Cuomo, not Clinton, not Obama, and yes – not Biden. No one, whether from the Left or Right Wing.

Trump means “you can” when everybody thinks you cannot.
It was not easy and will never be possible for one man to fight the deep state, the radical left, the big tech, fake media, rhinos, and more. But he did it anyway, without anyone’s support than his God. Nobody can survive what he has been through. Not you the hater or any of his persecutors.

He defied every odd and did all the impossible when no one thought he could. He disrupted the entire US political landscape. He broke out of nowhere around politics to take the white house while they were busy taking him for a joke. When reality hit them, they only hoped he failed. But he did not. They became angry because it turned out that he is the first politician ever to implement his campaign promises to the latter. He was unwavering in his policies during the campaign, unlike the one who would lie and promise to build a bridge where no water existed just to win an election. He laid bare his personality from the onset, to be accepted or rejected by Americans. And they accepted him, twice.
He restored sanity to the world. He stopped China from enslaving the world. He stopped Iran and North Korea from blowing all of us up with nuclear weapons. He quelled the Middle East crisis and restored Jerusalem to its rightful owners. He calmed all the troublemakers down. He shut down all the terrorists that Obama was diplomatically pacifying and paying to lay low. He mandated your stupid leaders to sit up and work for your own country. Trump was only fighting for you but you chose to be deceived. You lost.

More than 75 million Americans want him to continue but the evil gang did everything to steal his win. They know they robbed him. They know they did not win. You know it. Everyone knows but the hatred has blinded you all.
In American political history, whoever wins Florida always won the presidency of the United States (fact-check). And Trump did, twice.
Who can explain how Trump was leading in every battleground States only for counting to be paused at midnight (just to calculate the margin needed to rig) and resumed with mail-in ballots that all went to Biden? So absentee and mail-in voters did not vote for Trump?
Why did Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, and Pennsylvania violate their own State constitutions just to count illegal ballots for Biden days after the election should have ended? What about dead people and multiple voting? Maybe the next amendment to the US constitution would focus on stopping the dead from voting.
And how come Trump’s votes were dumped in several bins and hidden boxes?
How did the so-called Domino software glitch everywhere switch only Trump’s votes to Biden and not one of Biden’s to Trump?
Why did many counties conclude counting and continued when Trump’s observers left?
How did Biden who won just 477 counties beat Trump who won 2,497 counties? Why did the contested States reject proper audit and signature verification?
Do you see it? Even Nigeria’s Buhari rigged responsibly.

But at this point, Trump has done his best and cannot kill himself even as he knows that over 75 million Americans piled their hope on him. The bad precedent has been set and will later hunt those that orchestrated it just to oust Trump. Now he can only pave way for the Americans and by extension the world that is so eager and in a hurry to go to hell. They wanted it so bad that Trump’s call for a peaceful March was infiltrated and hijacked by Antifah (sponsored by the radical left) just to blame Trump. Only time will reveal everything and exonerate him. And it won’t be long before the grave mistake of Nigeria in 2015 starts unfolding in the US and by extension, the world. I may go wrong on market TAs but not on candidates and political choices.

Biden’s choice and his dementia, Obama’s elation, Nancy Pelosi’s 25th amendment, the choice of Kamala Harris for VP, the battle to control congress will soon start fixing the puzzles.

Given that he never stood vehemently against those scoundrels as Trump did, I was not expecting VP Pence as the head of the senate to unilaterally overrule Biden’s stolen victory – he needed numbers to do so. I presumed it would be difficult for him, Ted Cruse, Loeffler, and a handful of others who were to object. But I’m astonished by his last hour actions and face-off with his boss and how he almost became a puppet in the hand of Dems. This was obviously to save his face for his political career and probably 2024 interest. But he failed to understand that without joining Trump to fight the fraud today, the Republicans would hardly smell the presidency again.

I don’t want to talk about the place of betrayers and sycophants like McConnell, Romney, Graham, Barr, and others in US politics, and the vague future of Republicans after Trump. None of them can go half of Trump’s achievements.

Trump, like all of us, is not perfect but he is not what his traducers projected. He meant well for humanity and went about it the way he knew best but the two-faced enemies of humanity wrestled him out. He will leave the white house and I wait to see what the fake media that analyzed and misconstrued his every action will prey on. I particularly long to see what becomes CNN’S focus henceforth.
The US and the world will look for their Goodluck but stay stuck with their Buhari.

Besides, China must be very happy and laughing the loudest now. They are the real winner. Because America will not be the same again.
Hate him all you want, someday the evil veil will be removed from your face and you will see the real intention of the man who fought so hard for you. Only then will you realize that You lost, not Trump

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