Not My King Protest Rocks King Charles III Christmas Celebration

The reign of  King Charles III might be short-lived if the continued protest Not My King Protest and Anti-monarchist ideology is savaged quickly in the earliest future.

BGT news recalls that Anti-monarchist protesters had earlier staged demonstrations in central London ahead of King Charles III coronation in May 2023. However, there is a renewed protest via X social media blogging site as many Britons were seen using the hashtag NOT MY KING.

BGT NEWS also recalled that an allegation was raised against  King Charles III as reported by The Guardian Newspaper UK,  The Guardian  revealed that the king benefited from the deaths of thousands of people in the northwest of England, whose assets are being used covertly to enhance commercial property empire run by his hereditary estate. Tens of millions of pounds have been amassed in recent years by the Duchy of Lancaster, contentious land and property estate that brings in enormous sums of money for King Charles III, through the use of an outdated system rooted in feudal times.

The duchy gathers the financial assets known as bona vacantia, which belong to individuals who passed away without a will or designated heir. It has raised funds totaling more than £60 million in the previous ten years. It has long been asserted that bona vacantia profits are given to charitable organizations following expense deductions.

Here are some of the future planned Protest against King Charles III on X Social Media Platform

🚨 🚨 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! On May 4th 2024, Republic will take to Trafalgar Square. It’s more than a protest, it’s more than a rally – it’s Republic Day! We’ll be revealing more details in the next few months. #NotMyKing #AbolishTheMonarchy #RepublicDay



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