I Was Almost Raped By My Yoruba Teacher- Nollywood Child Actress

Nollywood’s favourite Child actress, Pearl Shim Mugalla affectionately known as Little Daniella of Soulmate Studios has narrated the nasty sexual harassment she experienced in the hands of her teacher.
In what could have ended in rape, Pearl was able to save herself before it happened. She revealed this while speaking at an interview.

It has happened once. Our Yoruba teacher tried to molest me. I don’t know if he had been doing it with other classmates, but I’m not the type that hides things. Because my mum will always tell me that if something happens anywhere, you should tell somebody. During our Christmas Carol when I was in Primary Six, I went to my class to get water from the water dispenser, then I saw the teacher behind me trying to touch me amorously and I pushed him away and he fell on the floor near the staircase, hitting his head on the tiled floor! That was how I came downstairs and told my friends what happened. Immediately after doing to him what was on my mind, I ran to report him to the school proprietor and he was fired.

I would also advise mothers that before their children get to the age of 13 or 14 years, start advising the child. ‘If this man touches you here or there, tell me.’ Not the one that the parents will be beating the child. Nigerian parents like beating a lot and it’s not the best. Though my mum used to scold me while she was alive, she hardly beat me. And granny doesn’t beat me at all.

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