Fuel Hike: Fake Messiah Finally Became a Wild Hangman.

BY: Adeola Soetan

Buhari is an experienced stone-hearted Hangman. He doesn’t give a damn to the agony of his victims in as much the rope is in good condition to hang more, and members of his anti-poor pro-capitalist elite hangmen club are smiling to the bank walking on the blood, pains and cries of the victims of their pro-rich, anti-poor economic policies.

It’s the height of insensitivity, viciousness and callousness for any leader or government to inflict further pains of fuel price hike when overwhelming majority of Nigerians are already groaning in crushing poverty, spiral inflation, increased taxes, rates and levies on foodstuff, electricity tarrifs, bank transactions, transportation and other social infrastructure.

The adverse multiplier effects on prices of foodstuff, transportation, services, products and production, agriculture especially poultry that’s already on danger list, cannot be overemphasized, more so, in a covid economy. It’s a practical market price jump expression of what Fela Anikulapo–Kuti called “ODOO”, Overtake Don Overtake Overtake, in one of his popular tracks. This is voodoo economics at its worst expression of its hatred, its venomous fangs against the people and damning them to go to hell.

Buhari, the acclaimed Baba Seriki Integrity, has lied and reversed almost all his campaign promises he and his party, APC, made voluntarily to the despondent citizens looking to him for succor before coming to power.

I saw and heard Candidate Buhari on TV during electioneering when asked if he would increase fuel pump price if voted as president. His answer was always succinct and often repeated: “How will I increase pump price of petrol when I know that it’s going to affect the poor .., we will make all our refineries working at full capacity and build more refineries to make sure the prices of petroleum products are stabilized…”

Five years after, Buhari has somersaulted with ignominy, and aristocratic aloofness to the pangs and pains of Nigerian masses thrown to the profit motivated parasitic elite infested market forces, the market of their own creation and manipulation.

At that time, perhaps, Candidate Buhari was just an automated Mascot designed by the “progressive” wing of the corrupt ruling class, coded to say those sweet lies he didn’t even understand for electoral victory, or he lied deliberately or he just wanted to achieve his ambition of becoming a civilian president at all cost without any sound noble vision beyond the routine leadership mindset of his failed predecessors.

This government has outlived its moral hold and authority on the Nigerian people, and the pro-capitalist anti-poor system it represents has reached its terminal end. Its continuation is not on the basis of its strength or appeal, but the weakness of the revolutionary forces and labour unions to organize the people and send packing these cruel ruling elite hangmen and their so-called market forces that breed hunger, poverty, unemployment, insecurity, homelessness, fear and frustration while they enjoy in unlimited affluence here and abroad.

It’s should be obvious now to all discerming Nigerians and unrepentant loyalists including the Abobakus of this regime who are also victims of Buhari’s anti-poor economic policies that System Change not just mere regime change, from first eleven to second eleven of the same rogue elite team, is the Answer.

Labour and all genuine social change radical / ideological organizations should mobilize and organize Nigerians for protests once more to Save Nigeria from its rogue leaders Now.

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  1. Thanks again for the article. Really thank you! Keep writing!.

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